Ener-C Exchanger®: localised cooling and heating

Anatomically shaped cuffs make it easier to specifically target certain parts of the body, muscles and joints. A detailed overview of all the available and optimally shaped CTM Exchangers® is provided below.

multi-purpose small

55 cm (22“)

Cat. no. CMS-01
multi-purpose medium

70 cm (28“)

Cat. no. MMM-01
multi-purpose large

84 cm (33“)

Cat. no. MML-01

For limbs

For ankles

CTM Controller® 1600

A mobile system for the application of CTM Therapy®.

  • Cold and heat treatments in one device
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Fast provision – no ice needed
  • Uses normal tap water
  • Portable
  • High level of patient comfort
  • Inexpensive