CTM Controller® 1600: easy to use and offers maximum flexibility

The computerised CTM Controller® 1600 combines the benefits of cold and heat therapy in one unit. It operates reliably, is easy to use and portable and does not require any ice. Simply fill with normal tap water and leave for a short while to cool or heat up before carrying out the treatment.

The compact size and fast availability of the CTM Controller® 1600 mean that it is not just medical and physiotherapy practices which can benefit substantially from its effectiveness in pain management and regeneration – it is also ideally suited to use by sports clubs and home users. 

The benefits of the CTM Controller® 1600 at a glance:

  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Fast provision – no ice needed
  • Uses normal tap water
  • No risk of frostbite
  • Portable
  • High level of patient comfort
  • Inexpensive

CTM Controller® 1600: simple operating concept and comfortable to use

  • Fill with normal tap water
  • Plug in the appropriate CTM Exchanger®
  • Switch on
  • Select desired temperature
  • Briefly leave to cool down or warm up (10 minutes maximum)
  • Put on the CTM Exchanger®
  • Use for 15 – 30 minutes as needed

CTM Controller® 1600 specifications and data

Weight (net) 5 kg (control unit)
Dimensions 300 mm x 260 mm x 184 mm
Voltage 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power 200 W (max.)
Water temperature 8 °C to 42 °C (normal tap water)

Recommended application of CTM Therapy® with the CTM Controller® 1600

Before treatment, physiotherapy or massage

10 to 15 minutes’ use can improve mobility, loosen up the muscles and reduce sensitivity to pain during treatment.

After treatment, physiotherapy or massage

15 to 30 minutes’ use after treatment substantially improves the patient’s well-being.